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Canada Trip 2003
Artifacts: The Objects We Love.Artifact of The Week

As per usual, this week's object is a rescued relic.

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Projects we've done; people we admire; pixels and paper.Now this is great design.

Could this be Apple's best computer ever?

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The soundtrack of our lives.

Music Review: Spoon


Gimme Fiction

Isn’t it nice when a record comes along that everything you hope it will be, it is? That each successive song builds on the last, expands the narrative and yet stands satisfyingly on its own?

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Editorial: What's on your little mind?

This part of the site -- like most of it -- is not complete. Check back periodically for updates.

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Ancestry: Official Site of The Andrew Powell Memorial Reunion.

Gene Powell.com offers the most complete and up-to-date statistical record of the Andrew Powell family. Prior to the 100th Anniversary Reunion, we added over 1,000 names to our records -- nearly doubling the size of our existing database.

Browse our research site for names, birth dates, dates of death, and other information to assist you in your own genealogical studies.

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You may also download a file of the 2000 Genealogical Book here. (PDF, 1.4MB)

What's in a name?Powell Coat of Arms

Powell is an ancient name with roots pre-dating the Norman Conquest.

Read how some of the earliest Powells settled America and how their descendents continue to honor their Welsh heritage.

[Download The Powell Genealogical Memorial History...] (PDF, 9.6MB)